What is the best espresso machine that you can choose

So what is the best espresso machine that you can choose? It is always important to compare all the best machines that are out there. This is the only way to really know which of the machines are top rated and which ones will give the best results for a longer period of time. Taking time to choose a machine ensures that you get one that meets your own preferences and needs in the level that you are comfortable with. Most of us love coffee and the smell coffee when we wake up is something that is so divine that we yearn for it every day. It is possible to prepare espresso drinks right inside your home and delight in all the things that coffee is able to give us.

drink espresso

One of the best things about the espresso machines is the fact that they help you in the preparation of different espresso drinks. Most of the espresso machines can help you in the making of mochas, coffee beverages and cappuccinos. There are so many models that are available and all these are supposed to help you enjoy a cup of hot coffee at any time, day or night.

If you are looking for control and the easy preparation of espressos, then the espresso machines are an ideal choice at all times. Choosing an ideal machine is important as it will allow you to have perfection in the preparation of coffee and you will totally enjoy all the drinks that you make with the machine. There are machines that can be adjusted and these give you even more power in the whole coffee preparing process.

When you have an espresso machine, then you will have a lot of convenience when you are in the kitchen making a cup of your favorite drink. Creating a perfect coffee mixture is very important and especially if you are a person who totally loves coffee. Getting an espresso machine guarantees that you will not miss a cup of coffee.

When you compare the espresso machines, you will end up settling for the very best. Relying on a guide is also very helpful and it makes a lot of sense to really take your time before selecting a particular brand.

Espresso machine reviews can also be helpful when you are trying to make up your mind. A review can either be good and or even neutral. A review is great as most customers make it their aim to tell the truth about the experience that they have with a specific machine. (More: Review on the 3 best espresso machines)

It is possible to choose an espresso machine that is stylish and on top of the others. There are various models available and things will help you very much with the choice that you make.

Always go for a machine that is very easy to use and convenient to all your coffee making needs that you may have. It is important to know how well the machine filters work so as to have a feel of what the machine will be able to do for you.

Decorate your own lattes

by Life Hacker (http://lifehacker.com/5312052/top-10-tips-and-tricks-for-better-coffee)

It’s not as hard as you might think to make lattes for yourself or coffee-loving guests at home, and with a little practice, you can also pull off the latte-topping art you get when your baristas are less rushed. It’s an art of patient milk pouring, with melted chocolate designs for the devoted Arabica artists. wikiHow’s site details the ins and outs of latte art, and you can find a lot of inspiration on Flickr and other photo sites. (Original post)

Cold-brew iced coffee for summer convenience

It can take a long time for hot coffee to get cold in the fridge, or even the freezer, if you’re in a real hurry for it. Try to rush it, and you get watered-down, bean-flavored water. Cold-brewing coffee, though, with just grounds, water, a fine filter, and (optional) milk, is something you can start right before you go to bed, then finish on a hot morning for a rejuvenating ride to work (or walk to the laptop, in your editors’ cases). (Original post)

Top recommendations:

The second set of MultiClad Pro I have purchased


This is the second set of MultiClad Pro I have purchased. A couple years ago I decided to buy a new set a stainless cookware having become a bit of a foodie. My girl friend thought it was necessary to buy All-Clad. She had gone out and bought a couple of pieces at one of the kitchen stores and paid typical All-Clad prices. I began doing all the cookware research and in the process came across the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro. Construction seemed the same as All-Clad. Reviews very high. But it’s All-Clad and that’s what is on TV on all the food shows.

Not convinced, I found a piece of MultiClad Pro at Marshall’s and bought it. It just happened to be the exact same piece of All-Clad she had bought at WS. They looked the same, etc. I actually got out a kitchen scale and weighed them both. The were within a tenth of a gram of each other. Sorry All-Clad just can’t justify the price for the name. And besides I like the handles on the Cuisinart better.

Took back all the All-Clad pieces and the one piece I had purchased and ordered the MultiClad Pro from Amazon. Wow this is a great set cookware. I have actually added a couple more pieces that I found at places such as Home Goods. Buy some Bar Keeper’s Friend and every so often give them a scrub and they will continue to look as nice as the day you bought them.

If you have never cooked with high quality SS it will take some getting used to. You actually use a lower heat settings but once you get used to this you will never cook on anything else.

Fast forward a couple of years – we are no longer together and the only argument was over the cookware so it was very easy to buy a new set for her and keep the old set for me. Everyone I talk to that is looking for new cookware I recommend this set. I have been cooking exclusively on it now for over two years and I doubt I will ever change as these will last a lifetime. But for full disclosure – I still fry my eggs in my teflon egg skillet that has NEVER had anything but eggs cooked in it.

Read reviews before buying cookware

Best Toasters for Christmas

The family got together yesterday, and they sat almost in every room, confining me to the kitchen for making snacks. It is such a pleasure to have youngsters participate in this family shopping. Thanks to Internet it has become a source of fun. They all had nothing on their minds to start with except the budget for each person. They were all told that if they wanted anything extra, they would have to pay for it. These youngsters are all working now. But they were here to greet us as was customary even when they were school going kids. They are all cousins of course, my husband’s brother’s children, my children, and my sister’s children. The house has been a bit noisy even though these people are no longer kids.


So while they were shouting from one room to another asking the other one to check the best toaster reviews, I made some snacks. I asked them to look for one toaster for me as well because I wanted to gift one to my god mother. Both rooms got busy to fulfill my need first. This is one thing I like about these children. They sincerely believe I can’t search a good one for me. But I told them to search for me because I thought they would understand the specifications better than me.

Finally they were shouting at me would you like this in the toaster, would you like that in the toaster, I could only smile. I was reminded how we were when I was newly married. But I answered them. They had my list of requirement alright, 2 slice toaster, that is easy to clean, and does not use much power. I also didn’t want it to be getting heated, because my god mother is not getting any younger. I specified this condition. I guess children learn what to look for without experiencing problems when we elders share our thinking with them.

Finally, they did narrow down the list to just three, i.e., Breville Lift and Look, Breville Die cast 2 slice smart toaster, and Hamilton Beach Ensemble. I noticed that these did not rank high on the site, but were there in the list of top 10 or 20 such toasters. I guess I managed to tell them that those lists are not necessarily the perfect guides. As to my selection, I fell for Hamilton Beach, even though the other two ranked better. I want my god mother to be able to press those buttons easily.

Using the Chef Knife Properly

Learning how to properly use a chef knife is very important. Not only will it give you full control of your knife, it will also prevent you from cutting yourself.

For this post I used an 8-inch chef knife. Sometimes a chef knife is called a French knife. My knife is also a classic German style knife; yours may be different but you should still be able to follow along.

1.) Place the knife in the palm of your dominating hand. Position the knife so your index finger is over the bevel of the handle and the rest of your fingers are on the black part of the handle.

2.) Wrap your middle finger, ring finger and pinkie finger around the handle. Take your index finger and curl it up a little bit and rest it against the blade. Make sure you bring it up enough to avoid cutting your finger.

3.) Take your thumb and place it against the blade. You want your index finger and thumb to pinch the blade firmly, as this gives you full control of the knife. Make sure you’re not holding the knife too tightly though – you don’t want your hand to fatigue.

Now that you have the proper grip on your chef knife, we’ll go over what to do with your non-dominate hand. You will use your other hand to push what you’re cutting under the knife.

4.) Take your other hand and make a claw. Now place your finger tips on the cutting board. This is the shape you’ll want to keep when you’re cutting items. Notice how my fingers curl in and my knuckles stick out.

5.) With your knife in your dominate hand, place the blade up against the knuckles of your other hand. Make sure (like the picture above) that your knuckles stick out and your fingers curl in on your claw hand. This will help to keep you from cutting yourself.

Now it’s time to cut. I used celery for this demonstration. Celery is easy to cut and allows you to focus on your technique.

6.) Place the celery flat side down (Always cut something on its flat side. Never cut something on a rounded edge as you will almost certainly cut yourself). Hold the celery in your hand with the claw position. Place your thumb at the end of the celery. You will use your thumb to push the celery through the knife. Keep your knife in the same place.

7.) Holding your knife in your hand and your celery in the other, it’s time to make a cut. Place the tip of your knife on the cutting board. During the cutting, the tip of your knife should not at any point leave the cutting board. Pick up you knife leaving the tip resting on the cutting board. Push the celery a 1/4 of an inch under the knife. Push down on the knife to cut the celery. Viola! You have just made your first cut.

8.) Now pick your knife up enough to make another cut and repeat step 7. Use your thumb to move the celery under the knife. Do not move your knife!

9.) As you are cutting you will notice that the celery has a tendency to stick and build up on your blade. You need to periodically lift your knife off the cutting board and push the celery off the blade. Repeat as needed.

10.) Keep repeating steps 7 through 9 until you’ve finished cutting your stalk of celery.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Always cut on a flat surface. Rounded surfaces will almost guarantee that you will cut yourself.
Keep the tip of your knife on the cutting board at all times.

Take your time. Technique is more important than speed. The better technique you have the less likely you are to cut yourself.

Use your thumb to push what you are cutting to the knife. Do not move the knife. If you move the knife you will wind up with uneven knife cuts and you will be more likely to cut yourself.

More at allacucina.com

Bought A Small Rice Cooker as Birthday Gift


My mother-in-law loves cooking and has passed her great skills to my wife and our two daughters. I remember every time we have visited her house she always prepares something special that we have never eaten before and it’s always very delicious. The common thing that I have noticed in all her dishes is that they always have a rice recipe. My small daughter likes cooking one her favorites which is smoked meat and rice. She says her grandmother told her she should pass this recipe to her children so that it stays in the family. The rice and meat recipes she prepares are my favorite dishes and even though some restaurants serve them, my mother-in-law’s still remains the best cook I have ever met. She is able to cook some of the best traditional recipes of most cultures from around the world.

She can’t go to the store herself these days because of her age, so she makes a list of the things she wants and sends my wife to buy them for her. My wife was recently helping her clean her house and noticed most of the rice she has been buying is unused. When she asked her why she hasn’t been used the rice yet, she said she has stopped cooking some of her favorite dishes because she sometimes falls asleep while the food is on the stove and it all ends up getting burnt. I once worked in a cookware store which sold some great electric meat smokers and rice cookers, which I thought among other things, were going to help here because they have zero chances of getting the food burnt after being set.

We decided to buy her a rice cooker first, for her as her birthday gift then the other cooking equipment later on. Since I had worked on the cookware store many years back, I decided to do some research on the best rice cookers that are on the market now. I searched for the top rated small rice cookers so that I could buy the one that has been rated top by cookware experts. Looking at the experts rating I found exactly what I was looking for which my mother-in-law was going to enjoy using to cook. When we gave her the gift she was very happy and said she had thought of getting a small rice cooker to continue cooking her rice recipes. Even better is that she cooked one of her favorite rice recipes the same day using it and the taste was amazing. I have really liked these top rated rice cookers because of their great features and because they cook rice well, so I bought one for us.

My search for the perfect cheap kitchen knives sets

It goes without saying that every household needs a set of cutlery to operate smoothly, at some point you will definitely need to chop some onions, tomatoes, cut vegetables or even bread. It is because of their essential nature that I set out to look for the perfect cheap kitchen knives sets that would come in handy around the house as well as give me value for my money. Before then I had gotten accustomed to poor quality knives whose handles would spoil after a few months of use or would begin rusting.


Hoping from store to store in search for cheap kitchen knives sets, I came across great quality knives with features that could interest you, price of course being my guide. First I care about the welfare of my family and so when I spotted these knives with sheaths, I was immediately drawn. The sheaths not only prevent accidents but also protect the blade. The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel so that you do not have to deal with the rusting and their handles are made of polyresin which are strong and durable. Additionally, the set comes as an assortment of different knives suited for different purposes such as the chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, slicing knife and their prices is just amazing complete with a 30 day limited warranty.

I also came across these knives with a hardwood storage box and ergonomic handles for comfort and a secure grip. In all the stores I walked into the seller recommended hand washing of the knives. For those of you looking for cheap kitchen knives sets, it comes as good news that knives are constantly being modified to improve value to you and the prices are unbelievably affordable, you just need to search.

Physically searching for cheap kitchen knives sets can be tiring and so a friend recommended that I look online. The internet brings to you an array of knives sets and all you need to do is filter your search by price to obtain the most cost effective without compromising on quality. Amazon, the largest American online retailer particularly opened up to me a world of knives sets I never knew existed with a variety of fantastic qualities. I had to adhere to the price to select the perfect set for me. After a thorough search both in stores and online, I came across the perfect sets, I am now a proud owner of cheap kitchen knives sets and you too can be.

How crash juice diet helped me lose those extra pounds in just two weeks!

That mad time from Christmas to New Year was finally over! We could count the number of times we ate meals at home, starting from mid December until the fist week of January. Every evening was either at a friend’s place or somewhere outside in a restaurant. By mid January, things started revealing itself! All dresses that would be perfect fits had gone small! So small in fact that I had to literally wriggle into them! So bad that I had to buy a few from the nearest store that was having a clearance sale! I thought a couple would do just fine since I set myself a two-week target of crash diet to go strictly on juices! Since these two-week cleanses do not come cheap, I decided to get myself a juicer that would serve the purpose and then serve me beyond that. I started asking friends for the top juicer to buy for juice diet, at least those who had gone on one sometime in the past. Since their information was rather confusing, with everyone claiming theirs to be the best, I started looking online for one myself!

One thing good though had come out after asking around from friends! They all said that I needed to know my budget, how much time I would spend every morning before rushing off to work, and the amount of juice that I would drink every time. That said, I also needed to know if I would prefer juicing vegetables like celery, carrots, beets, apples or cucumbers, or whether they would be the leafy ones like spinach and kale. I knew I didn’t want any fructose in my juice since I wanted to do away with all sugar in any form from my diet, fructose or otherwise! So it would be only leafy vegetables for two weeks!

Well, that made my choice easier! I had around an hour every morning between waking up and leaving for office. In that hour, I would cram in some intense treadmill run, make some breakfast and then get ready and run to catch the bus at the nearest stop. Now with breakfast out of the way, I could spend some 15 minutes more on the treadmill while breakfast could be prepared slowly in the juicer! So it was a masticating juicer for me! It would pack in all the vitamins and ingredients that would be extracted until the last drop from the vegetables, and that would give me sufficient energy to walk and run through the day like a breeze! I got the top masticating juicer. It was expensive. Anyone with a budget less than 200 bucks should look at these juicer brands instead.

I did it for three weeks straight! The diet worked wonders! I lost all the accumulated weight and then some more! Good thing is I fit into dresses easy these days. Bad thing? Some of them hang so loose that now I need to put some weight back on! Ping-pong, that’s how life goes!

How cookware set ratings helped me to buy my perfect cookware set!

When you want to buy a cookware set, the best way to go about it is to look for cookware set ratings across various websites. The task gets a lot simpler if the set you have selected is rated the best across all sites. Unfortunately that never happens, and if one site is rating a set with 5 stars, the other gives the same item a poor 2 star rating. There will always be some who are greatly satisfied and others who curse themselves. So when selecting my set, I started looking at the numbers that give average ratings. This group, at least to me, seemed more reliable than the extreme ones, and would not hesitate to list the merits and disadvantages of products they had purchased.

After extensive research of more reputable cookware reviews, I located one that had the most number of average ratings. I didn’t want a fancy set that had the latest technology and computerized preset programs that could cook different varieties of rice. I was looking for a small stainless steel cooker that would serve my family well. I didn’t want non-stick coated cookers since I had heard about their toxic reactions. I needed a cooker with a keep warm mode though, since we have meals whenever it is convenient and not at any fixed times.


As I said, my decision was largely based on the average reviews. I read them more carefully, and found that most had not gone overboard with the model that I had zeroed upon. They said that the set was good, reliable and trustworthy. Those were the words that I was really looking for! I placed my order immediately through a site that had the least listed price and got my set within a week of ordering.

I have been using my cookware set for the past two years now, rather continuously I would say. I use more or less each item in the set throughout the week. I call the skillets, pot pan, saute pan, and the saucepan more regularly though since I like changing menu every evening throughout the week. I am amazed that all of them have still remained mint condition to this day despite the years, as if they had been bought yesterday. Thanks to my investigating cookware set ratings across a large number of sites, I could locate the best cookware set for myself, just perfect for my daily needs and what I had always wanted!

How do you choose between Semi Automatic and Super automatic espresso machine?

It is a bit difficult to decide which of the espresso machines qualifies as semi-automatic and which of those machines qualify as Super automatic espresso machines. I faced this problem when I had to buy one a couple of years ago. The salesperson at the shop was rattling away the features of semi automatic and super automatic espresso machines. Then I had to ask him to explain the differences and not tell me all the features of the machines at one go. Needless to say the salesperson was not able to do that because he was not trained to explain I presume. He could, of course, explain a few differences and thought that since I did not know much about these machines, I would be satisfied with his reply.


Back home, I took out a blank A4 size paper, and divided it into three columns. As a matter of fact, I was thinking how to develop a chart for comparing the two types of machines, especially the ones that impressed me at the shop.

So the first column was for features in detail, the second and columns were for merely ticking the columns to identify whether the features were common. Soon I had a detailed comparison and could identify what was extra or missing in the two.

Did you know that semi automatic espresso machines let you switch off the automatic component in it, which is of course, the pump. You cannot alter temperatures of the boiler. In contrast, you just press a button and the machine does everything. By controlling the pump you can change the strength of the coffee in semi automatic espresso machine. This was something that the salesperson should have known and told me, but he failed to do so. I eventually ordered semi automatic espresso machine because my dilemma of semi automatic or super automatic espresso machine was solved in a jiffy by me.

Which is the good air mattress for you

Young woman sleeping

Before you select your next air mattress you should look at the following four features to determine which model really is the good air mattress to buy. Is the air mattress long enough? It’s easy to forget to consider how long the mattress is as you look at all the other features. Be sure to take into account who will be sleeping on the air bed before making your purchase. Hopefully you will already know the approximate height of any family and friends who might use the mattress so finding out doesn’t delay your purchase. Don’t assume all beds are the same length. Different manufacturers have different lengths so double check the packaging information or even measure the bed yourself. Does the mattress include an automatic or manual pump?

Air mattresses require a lot of air to fill up. You will need some type of pump unless you have very strong lungs. Don’t rule the mattress out if it doesn’t include an automatic air pump. You can always buy one individually. Electric models are either battery operated or operate on your household electric supply. The easiest model to use is the one that plugs into the wall outlet and is considered automatic. Is the Air Mattress Portable and Easy To Store? If you are going to use the mattress every night you will want to store it easily during the day to free up room space. You may even want to take the mattress with you when you travel so being able to roll it up and carry it to your vehicle easily may be an important feature for you. Form follows function. Never forget this simple credo as you decide which product is best. How high is the air mattress?

Some people like the elderly or those fighting medical issues have problems getting into and out of a low bed. If you have the option it is a good investment to get a thicker or higher air mattress. Thinking about these four features will help you select the best air mattress for you and your family.